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Greatship Management also offers job placement services for individuals who have completed their training and are looking for job opportunities in the maritime industry. They work with a variety of ship owners and operators to provide job opportunities for their candidates.

Who We Are

We are pleased to introduce, Great Ship Management established by young well experienced marine professionals as well as Engineers and officers—the company based in Kolkata and renowned in the world of Merchant Navy & Cruise Lines.
Ocean-going merchant / Passenger vessels are to be manned by competent seafarers, who need to be specially trained. Various international conventions have adopted resolutions to the effect that seafarers manning the merchant’s vessels must be fully trained for the challenges that this job at sea requires.
In order to meet these challenges, we are committed to providing our students with a competent and well-trained tutor within their budget. We will provide extremely cost-effective solutions to our students. When you need quality with cost.

Learn Something Every Day

Greatship Management in Kolkata emphasizes continuous learning for its employees, with opportunities for professional development and training throughout their careers. The company encourages its staff to learn something new every day to stay current in the ever-evolving maritime industry.

Swarup Roy

What We're All About

Our Vision

To build a world-class organization in the field of education to cater to the national and international demand and supplement necessity with quality manpower for a better world.

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."

Our Mission

To provide quality technical education along with the development of intellectual leadership qualities, human values, and corporate ethics- creating potential manpower for industries as well as research & development and for society at large.

Why choose us?

Known to be the oldest Marine College of Kolkata, we deliver the best quality education to our students. Our experienced faculty provide accurate guidance and knowledge required by the students to excel professionally. The Industry Visits and practical classes conducted in our college not only enrich but also widen the knowledge of our students. 100% Job and Internship Placements are assured. All types of scholarships are also available.


Greatship Management in Kolkata offers excellent career opportunities in the maritime industry, with benefits including big pay-packages, long vacations, adventure, diversity, and the chance to explore the world. Minimal qualifications are required for entry-level positions, with the potential for career growth and development in a high-demand industry. Working in the maritime industry requires discipline and professionalism, but can offer a unique and rewarding lifestyle.

Professional Certification

Greatship Management in Kolkata provides professional certification courses approved by DG Shipping in India, including INDOS, CDC, Watchkeeping, COP, COC, SID, and Basic STCW. The company also offers correction services for seafarer profiles and INDOS, as well as e-learning, assessments, and exit exams. Greatship Management's courses and training programs prepare individuals for careers in the maritime industry, with a focus on quality and safety


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